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2011-06-24 09:47:19 by slushbucket37 B2KA

um.. hi

2010-02-01 13:20:07 by slushbucket37

if you are reading this... wazzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap....

what r u doing?

2009-12-19 13:27:34 by slushbucket37

why are you reading this! this is for me to TALK TO MYSELF DUH


2009-12-12 18:46:10 by slushbucket37

wait a minute... i never had work in the first place........

if uredin this crap

2009-12-11 19:51:10 by slushbucket37

uhave no life....Now since all of my worktoday is done ive got notinto do